Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles

The faculty that make up the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences is a diverse group of individuals, all of whom are devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and the importance of higher education.

We invite you to read more about some of the exciting educators within CHASS who help make the university the supportive, intimate and intellectual community that it is.

  • Martin Johnson
    Martin Johnson
    Associate Professor of Political Science Politics are everywhere, and Martin Johnson studies it wherever it occurs.
  • Laila Lalami
    Laila Lalami
    Assistant Professor of Creative Writing A lifetime of experiences and a unique background have led Laila Lalami on the path towards being a prolific author and blogger.
  • Tuppett Yates
    Tuppett Yates
    Assistant Professor of Psychology Learning how children navigate difficult life experiences.
  • Perry Link
    Perry Link
    Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature and Foreign Language One of the west’s greatest scholars on China calls UC Riverside home.
  • Michelle Raheja
    Michelle Raheja
    Associate Professor of English Challenging conventions in early American literature.
  • Scott Brooks
    Scott Brooks
    Assistant Professor of Sociology Using basketball as a tool to uncover myths about race.
  • Alicia Arrizon
    Alicia Arrizon
    Professor and Chair of Women’s Studies Learning how cultures and the people within them adapt and change over time.

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