UCR Grants and Fellowships for Graduate Students

Student Research Grants

UC Graduate Fellows in the Humanities

Year long fellowships for exceptional graduate students in the humanities who have advanced to candidacy and are in the final stages of completing their dissertations. Part of the new UC Humanities Network, this program is designed to support advanced doctoral students and to encourage the collaboration, interdisciplinary dialogue, and innovation that are fundamental to research in the arts and humanities in the University of California. Along with Faculty Research Fellows, Graduate Fellows are members of the UC Society of Fellows in the Humanities, sponsored by the UC Humanities Network. During the fellowship year, UC Graduate Fellows in the Humanities will be affiliated with the Center for Ideas and Society and are may give a lecture sometime during their fellowship year. They will also be asked to take part in the activities of the Center and will be eligible for workspace within it.  Graduate Fellows will be invited to participate in an annual meeting of UC Faculty Research Fellows and UC Graduate Fellows and to submit a brief essay reporting on the fellowship year for inclusion in an e-publication disseminated by the UC Humanities Research Institute.

Support: Equivalent to academic year-support from the Graduate Research Mentoring Program (GRMP) and the Dissertation Year Program (DYP) Award.

EligibilityApplicants must be enrolled in a doctoral program in one of the humanities or arts departments of the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and have advanced to candidacy.

Deadline for applications: Graduate students need not apply separately for the UC Graduate Fellowship in the Humanities. The Center will select Fellowship holders from among those who apply for the Graduate Division’s Dissertation Year Program Awards (http://graduate.ucr.edu/fin_aid.html). 

The Humanities Graduate Student Research Grants

The Humanities Graduate Student Research Grants financially assist graduate students doing original research or creative projects in the humanities, as broadly defined by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Awards for students, enrolled in Humanities, Arts or or Social Sciences, will not exceed $1500.

Grants are to be used between the middle of May of one academic year to the middle of May of the next academic year. Awards terminate upon leaves of absence, filing fee status, withdrawal or graduation. A student must be registered in the Spring Quarter to use these funds during the summer months.

For more information and application, please visit http://ideasandsociety.ucr.edu.

Proposals including personal interviews or experiments with human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board first. Visit the Office of Research for forms and more information.

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