At Home in the World

At Home

What it Means to Be "At Home in the World"

“At Home in the World” is more than just a saying or a slogan. It really represents what it means to be a student of the humanities, arts and social sciences at UC Riverside. Students are gaining knowledge and developing skills that prepare them for the increasing globalization of the world. Our student-body itself is a microcosm of the diverse cultures that make up our world, as UCR ranks third in racial and ethnic diversity among top public universities nationwide.

In Their Own Words: What Our Faculty Says About CHASS and UCR

Anthea KrautI think of my home department, dance, and the incredibly diverse array of scholarly and choreographic projects being conducted by our students, all of them motivated by a concern for the politics and practices of moving bodies at home and in the world.

Associate Professor of Dance Anthea Kraut

Anil DeolalikarWe are striving to be ‘global' and all-inclusive, not only
in terms of diversity of disciplines, students, and country coverage
but also in terms of perspectives that we bring to studying
social issues and problems.

Professor of Economics Anil Deolalikar

Joseph ChildersWe emphasize to our students that their home, wherever it might be, is very much a place in the world, contributing to it, and partaking of it. And, conversely, the world is their home, a place that they can work toward creating the feeling of peace, comfort, and safety for themselves and for those with whom they share that space. It is not so much that the CHASS experience creates global citizens, as it makes our students aware that, indeed, that is what they are already.

Professor of English Joseph Childers

Walter ClarkIt will mean different things to different people, and has a certain postmodern ambiguity to it...the essential message comes through, that we are training students who are global citizens.

Professor of Music Walter Clark

Lynda BellCollege should challenge students to get beyond their own personal comfort zones...when small-group discussion sections that are part of the course are filled with students whose cultural origins reside in each of those world regions, there is no better way to link the past and present and make the study of cultural difference come alive.

Associate Professor of History Lynda Bell

Tom LutzBeing at home in the world suggests that it is possible to feel comfortable, at home, anywhere. I know of no better guiding ideal than this, that we might be more at home in our world than we currently are, that everyone might be more at home in ours than they can now be, that we strive for the knowledge and ability to be each other's guests, that the world might have, for all of us, less enemy territory, more haven, fewer strangers, more family.

Professor of Creative Writing Tom Lutz

Susan StraightTo me, each place we live has to be made into a home, and that involves caring about immediate environs, such as your own house and yard and family and street, but also a community's schools, parks, downtowns, and a city's place in the larger county, nation, state and nation, and yes, the world.

Professor of Creative Writing Susan Straight

Karen PykeI think of UCR as at home in the world because although only a tiny dot on my desktop globe, the larger world passes not by but through, making once-distant cultures familiar, never
imagined biographies real, and the lives of those previously rendered invisible known.

Associate Professor of Sociology Karen Pyke

Alicia Arrizon(It) is like...moving back and forth between different cultures, world, and languages. It is ‘at home in the world' where I am exposed to cultural difference, I am open to other perspectives, and mostly I am able to access knowledge.

Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies Alicia Arrizón

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