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The departments within the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Science are in a unique position that provides our students with the best benefits of a large research institution and a small liberal arts college. We are large enough to feature a wide array of disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields in which to pursue studies, but small enough to provide the personal communication between faculty, staff and students.

CHASS is an ideal place for the conversation about culture and society, insight and expression, history and the future, about the humanities, the social sciences and the arts.

Read on to learn more about academic advising and what goes into choosing majors and minors within CHASS.

  • CHASS StudentAdvising The Student Academic Affairs Office of the College advises on college breadth requirements, enrollment and registration, provides answers regarding a student's academic progress, commencement and graduation requirements, and also advises the Pre-Business Program and the Undeclared Program. We also work with students in academic difficulty, referring them when appropriate to other services such as the Assistance Counseling Encouragement (ACE) program.
  • CHASS StudentChoosing a Major Incoming freshmen who are certain of their academic interests and goals may declare a major at the time they enter CHASS. However, declaring a major is not necessary for admission to the University as a freshman.

    To decide on a major, students should determine what general areas of study they are interested in, then obtain descriptions of the majors which UCR offers in that area. While freshman may choose an academic major upon entering UCR, a student who is unsure about specific academic goals may request to be admitted to the College as an "Undeclared Major."

    In Undeclared status, students take a variety of courses in the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities while deciding a major.
  • CHASS StudentIndividualized and Double Majors Some students may find they have strong interests in two separate fields of study in different departments or even different colleges. These students may choose to have a double major. Other students may choose to create an individual major tailored to specific personal interests and academic goals. Such students can design their unique majors under the guidance of a faculty sponsor through the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Program.

    In addition to disciplinary majors, many departments in the College participate in the Bridge to Teaching Program and the Blended Program of Undergraduate Teacher Preparation offered by the Graduate School of Education, in which prospective elementary teachers can complete the approved subject matter preparation program along with their major while also including early field experience in the schools.
  • CHASS StudentMinors CHASS offers disciplinary and interdisciplinary minors programs, which are sequences of supplemental courses designed to enhance student work in a specified area of study separate from the major. See a list of minors offered within the college.

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