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CHASS offers disciplinary and interdisciplinary minors programs, which are sequences of supplemental courses designed to enhance student work in a specified area of study separate from the major.

  • Asian LiteratureAsian Literature and Cultures The Asian Literatures and Cultures minor provides students with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of Asian languages, cultures, and literatures. Tracks are available in Chinese, Japanese and Southeast Asia. This minor is offered by the Department of Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages.
  • Asian StudiesAsian Studies The minor affords students the opportunity to study Asia from an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing on courses and faculty from various departments of the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. Offered as an interdisciplinary major.
  • Chicano/Bilingual StudiesChicano Bilingual/ Bicultural Studies Minor The Chicano bilingual/bicultural studies minor gives students a basic understanding of the Spanish language and introduces them to the social, cultural, and linguistic diversity of the Chicano population in California and the southwestern United States. The minor prepares students to examine the educational needs of language-minority populations. This minor is offered by the Department of Ethnic Studies.
  • Film and Visual CultureFilm and Visual Culture The Film and Visual Culture minor provides an interdisciplinary examination of film, television, digital multimedia, and visual culture, with an emphasis on history and theory, rather than production, in order to develop media literacy. The minor is offered by the Department of Media and Cultural Studies.
  • Global StudiesGlobal Studies The Global Studies minor is a broad-based study of processes and problems that transcend national boundaries, preparing students to become global thinkers and problem-solvers for the twenty first century. The minor is offered by the Department of Global Studies.
  • International RelationsInternational Relations The International relations is an interdisciplinary minor that probes questions of economics, history, and political issues in an integrated program, offering an understanding of the issues and problems facing the countries of the world as they become more interdependent. It prepares students for the many careers in the international arena. Offered by the International Relations Program.
  • Italian StudiesItalian StudiesThe Italian Studies minor offers students the opportunity to attain an advanced level of proficiency in Italian language while taking a number of discipline-based courses that concentrate on Italian themes. The minor complements liberal arts degrees in many aspects of Western or European studies, including art history, history, philosophy, political science, and religious studies. Offered by the Department of Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages.
  • Labor StudiesLabor StudiesThe Labor studies minor focuses on the conditions, activities, and struggles of workers and other members of the working class from an international, contemporary, comparative and historical perspective. Offered as an interdisciplinary major.
  • Latin American StudiesLatin American StudiesThe Latin American Studies minors teaches a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the cultures, societies, politics, economics, history, institutions, geography, arts, literature, and languages of Latin America, its nations and peoples. Majors also enjoy the opportunity to explore a wide variety of subjects of particular individual interest. Offered by the Latin American Studies Program.
  • Law and SocietyLaw and SocietyThe Law and Society minor introduces students to a wide range of views about the law and provides a series of courses organized around the theme of law and law-like relationships, giving students the ability to develop critical thinking about law and social instructions. Offered by the Law and Society Program.
  • LGBITLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Intersexual, and Transgender StudiesOne of the first programs of its kind in the University of California, the minor allows students to learn about current developments across several disciplines that focus on lesbian, gay, and bisexual issues, including sexual identity and orientation; gay, lesbian, and bisexual perspectives on the arts; re-theorizations of gender; sexuality and cultural diversity; and intersections of sexuality and ethnic identity. It is by nature interdisciplinary and encourages new research in the field for interested students. Offered as an interdisciplinary major.
  • Marxist StudiesMarxist StudiesMarxist Studies is an undergraduate minor that provides students with an understanding of Marxism as a theoretical and methodological framework. Offered as an interdisciplinary major.
  • Public PolicyPublic PolicyThe Public Policy minor teaches students to critically analyze current public policies, their implementation, and their impacts on households, community, and society. Offered as an interdisciplinary major.
  • Urban StudiesUrban StudiesThe minor in urban studies is intended to add dimension and strength to any major discipline with an understanding of urban concepts and issues. The program combines diverse perspectives of art and architecture, economics and politics, as well as social and financial insights to give students a broader perspective of how urban communities develop. The minor is helpful for students majoring in economics, political science, sociology, and art history. Offered through the Urban Studies Program.

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