CHASS Faculty (Post-Doctorate) Awards, Honors, and Prizes*

Academy of American Poets

  • 2009 Walt Whitman Award: Juan Felipe Herrera (Creative Writing)

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

  • 1987 Emmy Award for Best Mini-Series: Stuart Krieger (Theatre)

American Academy of Arts and Letters

  • 2008 Merit Medal for Sculpture: Charles Long (Art)

American Anthropological Association

  • 2008 Honoree: Thomas Paterson (Anthropology)
  • 2002 President’s Service Award: Wendy Ashmore (Anthropology)

American Association for the Advancement of Science

  • 1960 Socio-psychological Prize: Robert Rosenthal (Psychology)
  • 1993 Prize for Behavioral Science Research: Robert Rosenthal (Psychology)

American Communication Association 

  • 2001 Outstanding Service to the Academic Discipline Award: Ellen Wartella (Psychology)

American Council on Education

  • 2009 Donna Shavlik Award for Leadership and Mentoring: Yolanda Moses

American Educational Research Association

  • 1991 Outstanding Scholarly Publication: Steven Brint (Sociology)

American Ethnological Association

  • Lifetime Scholarship Award: Thomas Paterson (Anthropology)

American Historians of British Art

  • 1996 Book Prize: Malcolm Baker (History of Art)

American Library Association

  • 2007 Dartmouth Prize: Susan Carter and Richard Sutch (Economics, Emeriti)
  • 2007 Outstanding Reference Work Award: Susan Carter and Richard Sutch (Economics, Emeriti)

American Musicological Society

  • 2008 Philip Brett Award: George Haggerty (English)
  • 2000 Philip Brett Award: Byron Adams (Music) 
  • 2006 Robert M. Stevenson Award: Walter Clark (Music)

American Philological Association

  • 2008 Award for Outreach: Michele Salzman (History)

American Philosophical Association

  • 2009 Jean Hampton Prize: Michael Nelson (Philosophy)
  • 1997-9 Book Prize: Charles Siewert (Philosophy)

American Political Science Association 

  • 2008 Lawrence Longley Award for Best Paper of Previous Year (Representation and Electoral Systems Section): Shaun Bowler (Political Science)

American Psychological Association

  • 1999 Outstanding Contributions to Health Psychology Award (Health Psychology Division): Howard Friedman (Psychology)
  • 2002 Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award: Robert Rosenthal (Psychology)
  • 2002 Distinguished Scientific Award for Applications of Psychology: Robert Rosenthal (Psychology)
  • 2002 Templeton Positive Psychology Award: Sonja Lyubomirsky

American Psychological Foundation

  • Gold Medal Award for Life Achievement in the Science of Psychology: Robert Rosenthal (Psychology)

American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

  • 1979-80 James L. Clifford Prize: Carole Fabricant (English)

American Society for Muslim Advancement

  • 2009 Media Courage Award: Reza Aslan (Creative Writing)

American Society of Cinematographers

  • 2004 Heritage Award: Keun-Pyo Park (Theatre)

American Sociological Association

  • 2001 Willard Waller Award (Sociology of Education Section): Steven Brint (Sociology)
  • 2003 Cooley Mead Distinguished Career Award (Social Psychology Section): Peter Burke (Sociology)
  • 1992 Book Award for Distinguished Scholarship (Section on Political Economy of the World System): Christopher Chase-Dunn (Sociology)
  • 2001 Book Award for Distinguished Scholarship (Section on Political Economy of the World System): Christopher Chase-Dunn (Sociology)
  • 2006 Outstanding Article Award (Sex and Gender Section): Karen Pyke (Sociology) 
  • 2008 Outstanding Recent Contribution Award (Sociology of Emotions Section): Jan Stets and Jonathan Turner (Sociology)
  • 2002 Outstanding Recent Contribution Award (Sociology of Emotions Section): Jonathan Turner (Sociology)

Association for Psychological Science

  • 2007 James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award: Michael Friedman (Psychology)
  • 2001 James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award: Robert Rosenthal (Psychology)

Association for Theatre in Higher Education

  • 2008 Award for Outstanding Book in Theatre Practice and Pedagogy: Alicia Arrizón

Association for Women in Science

  • 2002 Elizabeth Bingham Award for Mentoring: Wendy Ashmore

Association of Black Psychologists

  • 1989 Distinguished Psychologist Award: Carolyn Murray (Psychology)

Before Columbus Foundation

  • 2008 American Book Award: Tom Lutz (Creative Writing)

The Berilla Kerr Society

  • 1996 Berilla Kerr Award for Outstanding Work in Theatre: Charles Evered (Theatre)

Black Voice Foundation

  • 2001 Woman of Achievement Award: Deborah Wong

Brazilian Society of Rural Economics and Sociology

  • 2002 Rui Miller Paiva Award for best paper: Steven Helfand (Economics)

British Council, Morocco

  • 2003 Literary Prize: Laila Lalami (Creative Writing)

Broadway Play Publishing Inc.

  • 2004 Playwright of the Year: Charles Evered

California Book Awards

  • 2005 Silver Medal: Chris Abani (Creative Writing)
  • 2001 Gold Medal: Susan Straight (Creative Writing)

California State University, San Bernardino

  • 1998 Presidential Medal of Honor: Yolanda Moses

California Studies Foundation

  • 1999 Carey McWilliams Award: Mike Davis (Creative Writing)

Canadian Economics Association

  • 1983 Harry Johnson Prize: Richard Arnott (Economics)

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

  • 1999 Jean Nicod Prize: John Perry (Philosophy)

College Art Association of America 

  • 1997 Distinguished Teaching of Art History Award: Francoise Forster-Hahn (History of Art)

Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies

  • 1981 Prize for Best Interdisciplinary Essay: Conrad Rudolph (History of Art)

Congress for Research on Dance

  • 1993-6 Multi-year Outstanding Publication Award: Marta Savigliano (Dance)

Corcoran Gallery of Art

  • 2007 Kraft Media Prize: Erika Suderburg

Cornell University Program on Ethics and Public Life

  • 1999 Young Scholars Award: Agnieszska Jaworska

Council of Universities and Colleges

  • 1991 Senior Scholar Award: Steven Brint (Sociology)

Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

  • 2006 Americas Book Award: Juan Felipe Herrera (Creative Writing)

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

  • 1977 Junior Faculty Award: John Ganim (English)

Dirksen Congressional Center

  • 2001 Jewell-Loewenberg Award: Benjamin Bishin (Political Science)

Econometric Theory

  • 2003-5 Koopmans Prize: Tae-Hwy Lee ((Economics)

Elixir Press

  • 2009 Poetry Award: Maurya Simon (Creative Writing)

Erich Shelling Stiftung

  • 2004 Erich Shelling Architektuepreis: Mike Davis (Creative Writing)

Ezra Jack Keats Foundation and the New York Public Library

  • 1997 Ezra Jack Keats Award for Children’s Books: Juan Felipe Herrera

FIVE Points Magazine

  • 2008 James Dickey Poetry Prize: Christopher Buckley (Creative Writing)

Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics 

  • 2004 Honor for Outstanding Contributions in Mathematical Science: Aman Ullah (Economics)

Foundation for the Advancement of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

  • 2007 Honoree: Robert Rosenthal (Psychology)

Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Bigotry

  • 2008 Outstanding Book Award: Andrea Smith (Media and Cultural Studies)

Harvard University Press

  • 1988 Thomas J. Wilson Prize: John Briggs (English)
  • 2000 Thomas J. Wilson Prize: John Medearis (Political Science)

Humboldt Foundation

  • 1999 Humboldt Prize: John Perry (Philosophy)

Hurston/Wright Foundation

  • 2005 Hurston/Wright Legacy Award: Chris Abani

Independent Publisher Book Awards 

  • 2005 Winner in Multicultural Fiction (Juv-J/A): Juan Felipe Herrera (Creative Writing)

Indian Econometric Society

  • 1986 Mahalabonis Memorial National Award: Prasanta Pattanaik (Economics)

International Communication Association

  • 2005 Best Article Award: John Medearis (Political Science)
  • 2004 Steven H. Chaffee Career Productivity Award: Ellen Wartella (Psychology)

International Congress of Americanists

  • 2009 Honoree: Thomas Paterson (Anthropology)

International Organization for Scenography

  • 1991 Golden Triga at Prague: Haibo Yu (Theatre)

International Political Science Association

  • 1991 Charles H. Levine Prize: Robert Hanneman (Sociology)

International Studies Association

  • 2008 Distinguished Senior Scholar (International Political Economy Section): Christopher Chase-Dunn (Sociology)

Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Memorial Prize

  • 1991 Deutscher Memorial Prize: Mike Davis (Creative Writing)

Jewish Book Council

  • 2001 National Jewish Book Award: Michael Alexander (Religious Studies)

Journal of Business and Economics Research

  • 2003 Best Paper Award: Marcelle Chauvet (Economics)

L.A. Weekly

  • 2008 Theatre Award: Tim Labor (Music)

Lannan Foundation

  • 2007 Lannan Literary Award for Nonfiction: Mike Davis (Creative Writing)
  • 2008 Lannan Literary Award for Fiction: Susan Straight (Creative Writing)

Latino Literacy Now

  • 2009 International Latino Book Award: Juan Felipe Herrera (Creative Writing)

Latino Literary Hall of Fame 

  • 2002 Award for Poetry: Juan Felipe Herrera (Creative Writing)

Library of Congress 

  • 1999 Americas Award for Children's and Young Adult Literature: Juan Felipe Herrera (Creative Writing)

Los Angeles Press Club 

  • 2008 National Entertainment Journalism Award: Clare Hoffman (Creative Writing)

Massachusetts Psychological Association

  • 1979 Distinguished Career Contribution Award: Robert Rosenthal (Psychology)

McGuffin Film Festival

  • 2003 Best Short Film Award: Keun-Pyo Park (Theatre)

Media Access Awards

  • 2002 Best Children’s Film: Stuart Krieger (Theatre)

Mind Gym Academic Prize

  • 2008 1st place: Sonja Luborminsky (Psychology)

Mitchell Foundation for the History of Art

  • 1996 Mitchell Prize: Malcolm Baker (History of Art)

Modern Language Association

  • 1991 William Riley Park Prize: David Herzberger (Hispanic Studies)
  • 2008 US Latino/a & Chicano/a Literary & Cultural Studies Award: Alicia Arrizón (Women’s Studies)

Mystery Writers of America

  • 2008 Edgar Allen Poe Award: Susan Straight (Creative Writing)

Mount Rainier International Film Festival

  • 2009 Audience Favorite Award: Charles Evered (Theatre)

National Academy of Tango, Argentina

  • 1995 Inductee: Marta Savigliano (Dance)

National Book Critics

  • 2009 Circle Award for Poetry: Juan Felipe Herrera (Creative Writing)

National Communication Association

  • 2000 Distinguished Scholar Award: Ellen Wartella (Psychology)

National Council on Family Relations

  • 1995 Jessie Bernard Outstanding Contribution to Feminist Scholarship Paper Award: Karen Pyke (Sociology)

National Humanities Medal

  • Henry Snyder, 2008 (History, Emeritus)

Notes from the Underground Festival

  • 2008 Outstanding Play: Charles Evered (Theatre)
  • 2009 Outstanding Play: Charles Evered (Theatre)

New York Dance and Performance Awards (Bessies)

  • 1995 Choreographer/Creator Award: Neil Greenberg (Dance)
  • 2005 Time Out/New York Dance Audience Award: Neil Greenberg (Dance)

North American Regional Science Association

  • 2008 Walter Isard Award: Richard Arnott (Economics)

Order of Merit, 1st Class, German Government

  • Francoise Foster-Hahn (History of Art)

Order of San Carlos, Ministry of Foreign Relations, Colombia

  • Raymond Williams, 1994 (Hispanic Studies)

Pacific Sociological Association

  • 2002 Distinguished Teaching Award: Jonathan Turner (Sociology)

PEN American Center

  • 2008 Beyond Margins Award: Chris Abani (Creative Writing)
  • 2009 Beyond Margins Award: Juan Felipe Herrrera (Creative Writing)

PEN West

  • 2008 Josephine Miles Award for Poetry: Juan Felipe Herrrera (Creative Writing)


  • 2008 National Award for Poetry: Juan Felipe Herrera (Creative Writing)
  • 2007 PEN/O’Henry Prize: Susan Straight (Creative Writing)

Peregrine Smith Poetry Award

  • Maurya Simon 1989 (Creative Writing)

Philadelphia College of Art

  • 2008 Silver Star Award: Charles Long (Art)

Prince Claus Fund, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • 2001 Prince Claus Award for Literature & Culture: Chris Abani (Creative Writing)

The Poetry Society of America

  • 1987 Gertrude B. Claytor Award: Christopher Buckley (Creative Writing)
  • 1988 Gertrude B. Claytor Award: Christopher Buckley (Creative Writing)
  • 1993 Mary Caroline Davies Award: Maurya Simon (Creative Writing)
  • 1994 Cecila B. Wagner Award: Maurya Simon (Creative Writing)

The San Francisco Foundation

  • 2005 Phelan Award in Photography: Amir Zaki (Art)

Smithsonian Institution 

  • America's Young Innovator Award 2007: Reza Aslan (Creative Writing)

Society for California Archeology

  • 1993 Martin A. Baumhoff Special Achievement Award: Karl Taube (Anthropology)

Society for Ethnomusicology

  • 1990 Jaap Kunst Prize: René T.A. Lysloff (Music)

Society for History in the Federal Government

  • 2008 Thomas Jefferson Prize: Susan Carter and Richard Sutch (Economics, Emeriti)

Society for Personality and Social Psychology

  • 2009 Jack Block Award: David Funder (Psychology)
  • 1988 Donald Campbell Award: Robert Rosenthal (Psychology)

Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues

  • 2001 Otto Klineberg Intercultural and International Relations Award: Veronica Benet-Martinez

Society of Dance History Scholars

  • 2007 Gertrude Lippincott Award: Anthea Kraut (Dance)
  • 2008 De la Torre Bueno Prize for the Best Book in the Field of Dance Studies: Jacqueline Shea Murphy (Dance)
  • 2008 Gertrude Lippincott Award: Priya Srinivasan (Dance)
  • 1996 Gertrude Lippincott Award: Linda Tomko (Dance)

Society of Experimental Social Psychology

  • 1996 Distinguished Scientist Award: Robert Rosenthal (Psychology)

Sociological Perspectives

  • 1991 Best Journal Article Award: Alexandra Maryanski (Sociology)
  • 1993 Best Journal Article Award: Alexandra Maryanski (Sociology)

Sons of the Texas Republic

  • 2006 Summerfield G. Roberts Award: Anne Sutherland (Anthropology)

Southern California Library for Social research 

  • 1999 Emil Freed Award: Mike Davis (Creative Writing)

Southern Christian Leadership Conference

  • 2004 Educational Leadership Award: Carolyn Murray (Psychology)

Southern Demographic Association

  • 1999 E. Walter Terrie Ward for State and Local Demography: David Swanson

The Southern Historical Association

  • 2004 John Blassingname Prize: Sterling Stuckey (History, Emeritus)

Southern Political Science Association

  • 2006 Artinian Award: Antoine Yoshinaka (Political Science)

Southwestern Political Science Association

  • 2003 Allan Saxe Award: Shaun Bowler (Political Science)

Speech Communication Association

  • 1996 Golden Anniversary Monograph Award: Robert Rosenthal (Psychology)

Tampa Review

  • 2009 Tampa Prize for Poetry: Christopher Buckley (Creative Writing)

Telluride IndieFest 

  • 2004 Winner, Screenplay Competition: Eric Barr (Theatre)

Texas State University College of Education

  • 2007 Tomás Rivera Mexican American Children’s Book Award: Juan Felipe Herrera (Creative Writing)

University of California University Professor

  • Robert Rosenthal (Psychology)
  • Jonathan Turner (Sociology)

University of Munich

  • 2008 Culture Prize: Mike Davis (Creative Writing)

Vice President of the United States

  • 1999 Hammer Award: David Swanson (Sociology)

Weehawken Academic Hall of Fame

  • 2007 Inductee: John Ganim (English)

Western Political Science Association

  • 2003 Charles Redd Award for Best Paper on the Politics of the American West: Shaun Bowler (Political Science)

Western Psychological Association

  • 2000 Outstanding Teaching Award: Howard Friedman (Psychology)
  • 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award: Robert Rosenthal (Psychology)

Western Society of Criminology

  • 1989 Paul Tappan Award: Austin Turk (Sociology)
  • 1999 President’s Award: Austin Turk (Sociology)

Zeta Phi Beta Society, Lambda Pi Zeta Chapter

  • 1990 Finer Womanhood Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Education: Yolanda Moses (Anthropology)


* Does not include nominations, second place awards or honorable mentions

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