Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence

CHASS features 15 centers and institutes that engage faculty from diverse disciplines in advanced research. Centers and institutes are an integral part of a research institution. They provide opportunities for intense faculty collaboration and the time to pursue promising lines of investigation that enhance knowledge.

Read on to learn more about our research centers and institutes.

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The CHASS Research Centers

  • Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research
    The center develops internationally recognized bibliographic resources for scholars through the use of a digital, searchable text-conversion. The center develops national bibliographies and helps establish standards for bibliographical records.
  • Center for Ideas and Society
    The center aims to foster collaborative and interdisciplinary research, pedagogy and creative production. It is distinguished from other humanities research institutes by the importance it attaches to work in the arts and social sciences, as well as by its emphasis on intellectual history and exploration of social context of ideas, artifacts and events.
  • California Center for Native Nations
    The center focuses on research that will influence the course of American Indian studies. It has a strong focus on the California Native Nations and is dedicated to preserving the history, culture, language, and sovereignty of California's first nations. It also serves tribes by connecting them with the expertise within the University to solve research problems.
  • Center for Iberian and Latin American Music
    The center fosters research and performance of the music of Iberia and Latin America.

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