Audience Cheers While UCR Is Dancing

By Ferda Mehmet, student intern of CHASS College Computing

 Performing their piece "Internal Controversy," the dancers illustrate inner personal struggles through modern dance.The 2003 UCR Is Dancing performances took place on March 6th-9th in the University Theatre. This annual production is the culmination of undergraduate dance education and a showcase for new ideas and experiments in original choreography by UCR students. UCR dance majors gain in-depth experience by authoring their own work while at the same time forming a cultural and historical perspective on the art of dance. Showcased at this year's performances was modern dance, with ballet, tap, and jazz scattered throughout.

This year's performance contained thirteen pieces, each with its own choreographer who created and directed each individual piece. The choreographers are dance majors who fulfill the requirement for Dance 180G by participating in UCR Is Dancing. .Dancers and choreographers work on their pieces for months in preparation for the show.

The pieces, in order of appearance, were "Unless and Less," "Amansi Se'...," "Dreamed Reality," "Refill, Refilling, Refilled," "Images in Aspect," "wIndPhireSandwAter," "Last Resort," "Soft-bodied Remains," "Take In and Move Forward," "Evident in Three," "Seeking," "Escape From...," and "Internal Controversy." Each piece contained its own unique style and message. "Evident in Three," for example, portrayed the differences in three social classes, while "Refill, Refilling, Refilled" represents the hard work of satisfying customer needs as a waitress.

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