Student Intern Graduates with Experience for Future

By Robert Bastone, Student Intern of CHASS College Computing


Stephanie Wejbe
Stephanie Wejbe, CHASS College Computing (C3) Communications Intern for nearly three years, recently stepped down from her position to pursue a graduate degree and a career in public relations. Wejbe will use the skills and expertise she developed during her tenure as an intern with C3.

Since January of 2002, Stephanie Wejbe has worked as an intern in a position offered through CHASS College Computing, a division of the Dean’s Office which is responsible for website maintenance and e-business solutions. During the past two years, Wejbe had been responsible for producing website content creations and news articles about happenings within the College. C3 provided her with practical and professional experience in a business-like atmosphere.

Wejbe noted that she learned about the internship through the UCR Career Center , and was attracted to the position because it “highly matched [her] interests, including writing and communications.” She also saw the internship as an opportunity to improve her own skills in these areas while working in a “supportive academic environment” at a convenient location on campus.

Wejbe also served as C3 team leader for over one year, a position that required her to manage and communicate with fellow interns on a daily basis. She remarked that she did not really know how hard being a leader could be. She is thankful because C3 provided the opportunity to actually “handle leadership” in a business setting.

Stephanie’s three year tenure with C3 was marked with numerous accomplishments. Wejbe served as the project team leader for Balzac's Paris Digital Exhibit project, a digital tour of Paris that guides the viewer through Paris as described by Balzac. The project took over one year to complete and Wejbe organized all content materials, images, content design framework, as well as coordinated the efforts of several other individuals. She was also a one of the first members to help develop the first phase of college-wide website development during her tenure. That project was awarded the Larry Sautter Award for Achievement in University Computing.

CHASS College Computing is currently training six paid undergraduate interns for the business world. These interns are training in specialties ranging from graphics design and computer programming to communications/public relations and journalism. Leadership training is also a large part of what C3 provides its interns, as more experienced interns are provided the opportunity to serve as intern team leaders.

Internships such as these are part of an ongoing University effort to provide professional experience to undergraduate students. The College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS) is offering these opportunities in a variety of departments.

Susan Hancock, Assistant Dean and Chief Financial and Administration Officer who oversaw Stephanie’s article releases commented that “it is sad to see Stephanie leave.”  She added that she believed Stephanie brought “stability to the C3 team” and  “was very professional in the way she went about her work, gathering the information and presenting it in a concise, thoughtful, easy to read format.”  Cindi Smith, Administrative Analyst, who oversaw Stephanie’s writing added that “writing shows her creativity, her own personality, and her individuality while writing articles that keep the reader's attention.” James Lin, Director of CHASS College Computing (C3) added that “Stephanie has extraordinary skills in addressing the nature and details of the articles as an Editor Intern.” He also commented that “she is such a bright student that I only need to give her minimal directions and she can figure out the rest precisely.” All agreed that Stephanie will definitely be missed.

Stephanie Wejbe will be graduating with a B.A. in English and a minor in Sociology, which she achieved over only three and a half years. She will be pursuing admission to graduate school with plans for a career in public relations and ultimately journalism. Wejbe firmly believes that “opportunity comes with preparation” and remains thankful for the opportunities she has created for herself through her preparation for the future.

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