UCR'S Sweeney Art Gallery Presents Untitled 31

By Stephanie Wejbe, Student Intern of CHASS College Computing

UCR's Sweeney Art Gallery proudly presents Untitled 31, the 2004 Senior Exhibition showcasing the artistic work of graduating Art students for the 2003-2004 academic year. The exhibition features a wide variety of media including digital photography, oil, acrylic, video and mixed media. Show 1 of the exhibit debuted on Friday May 21, from 5:00-7:00 pm and the show ran from May 21 through May 29. The opening reception for the second installation of the exhibit was on Friday June 4, from 5:00-7:00 pm. The show will run from June 4 through June 13.

According to Sweeney Art Gallery Director Karen Rapp, Untitled 31 presents such themes relating to identity, family history, autobiographical sensibility, environmental issues, abstract conceptual projects and recurring childhood. However, the concept behind the title of the exhibition cannot be categorized, it is a show that is all encompassing.

Rapp noted the growth between this year's and last year's exhibition. This year hosts the largest group of students. Showing the tremendous expansion of the Art department, this year’s show features 31 artists nearly doubling last year’s sixteen.

With the opening of the first show Rapp explained that audience response has been “extremely favorable.” Viewers have been drawn to the show’s diversity. There are no distinct differences between the two shows. The works were placed based on the availability of space and design needs. Eleven artists are featured on the wall in the first show, while only nine artists are featured in the second show.

Those students who chose not to be featured in the exhibition are still required to present their work to a faculty committee. In addition, they must submit a paper regarding the piece and undergo preliminary reviews one quarter prior to completion of the project. The presentation marks the culmination of the project, which spans their entire senior year or three academic quarters.

Show 2 features artists Astrid Spegel, Brian Bolton, Darot Doeum, Dawn Wild, Diego J. Garza, Edward Dugbartey, Florentine Zavala, Gabriel Choriego, llknur Demirkoparan, Jessica Lee, Larissa Maness, Leah Sutterby, Lisa Tucker, Margarita Manou Kian

Rapp added how the exhibition gave the opportunity for the students to not only present their artistic work, but also their professional skills associated with the event. The students took the initiative and did extensive fundraising for the receptions, designed their own poster, and organized the details surrounding the event.

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Chrissy Meyer
Captive Suburbia

Darren Eskandari
Breathing Space

Edward Lee
Blank Poetry (Video

Jennifer Perz

Jill Nakagawa
Eye Love Godzilla

Juanita Trujillo
Melancolia Infantil (chairs)

Ramon A. Mendoza
Joshua Trees, Stone People, Desert Willow

Shaun C. McClure
Nokia 3600 Satisfaction

Kaisha Hwang

Liliana Vasquez
Birthdays and Weddings

Laura Resheske
Reconciled (cross)

For more information regarding Untitled 31 please visit the UCR Sweeney Art Gallery's respective web-site at http://sweeney.ucr.edu/.

The Sweeney Art Gallery presents a wide range of aesthetic experience and artistic exploration, including painting, photography, installation and digital arts. The Gallery holds a dozen professional exhibits a year, with frequent participation by faculty, and an Annual Senior Art Theses Exhibition. Two new displays are a Permanent Collection Gallery and the Gluck-sponsored e-Gallery, an interactive on-line gallery.

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