Arts Facility Administrators Introduce Online Reservation System

By Catherine Szilagyi, Student Intern CHASS College Computing

The College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS) has recently launched a sophisticated online system that w ill allow those requesting the use of the Arts building facilities to reserve spaces online . Not only will the system allow reserving patrons to avoid paperwork, but according to Facilities Manager Paul Richardson it will, “provide a centralized point to work from for all users in the academic departments.”

Online reservation is a n innovative development, as it will advance the system’s efficiency and decrease the waiting period for those who hope to use the extensive facilities of the Art Department. Nancy Huynh of CHASS College Computing (C3) is the chief designer of the Arts facility online system, and her work was key to smoothly introducing the technological shift to the department. Richardson foresees the online system as “the start of a larger process within the College” that will presumably “bring the departments closer together.”

The University of California, Riverside as a whole has already begun to move in the direction of strictly electronic correspondence with its students, faculty, and staff in other areas. The 2004-2005 school year has become the first year in which students are expected to communicate with the University solely through their University web mail accounts . Although each of the University’s three colleges is edging toward technological efficiency, CHASS in particular has taken a variety of serious steps to meet this goal, including the online reservation system for the Arts facility.

The Art building’s facilities are mainly utilized by University students and faculty, but its valued services are also available to the public. The most popular site for patrons in particular is the Performance Lab, desired for its versatility and convenient capacity; it is anticipated to be the most contested space available through the online system. Other facilities provide accommodations for cultural events, performance s, video screenings, and photo shoots as well as conferences and multimedia instruction.

Paul Richardson commented that in the past, the Arts facilities faced quite a few problems that the new online system will remedy. “We had problems with tracking papers and usage requests, stacks of paperwork, and communication flow,” he explained, “it will definitely make our job easier.”

The online system will also “internally connect users, by informing them about performances and events they wouldn’t usually come across or know about,” administrators say it will create a kind of information network that will better organize the system, and will most likely stir similar changes across campus in facility management.

In order to access the online reservation system for the Arts facility, go to the UCR Arts Facilities Administration website.

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