Brown Constructions Art Exhibition Curated by Art Professor Amir Zaki

lemon sky: projects + editions is pleased to announce the opening of "Brown Constructions" a three person exhibition curated by Los Angeles based artist Amir Zaki. This show will be on view October 17 through November 20 at 125 Northwest 23rd Street Miami, Florida.

A reception for the artists will be held Friday, October 16th, 2004 from 7 until 10pm.

This exhibition features three L.A. artists -- Alice Könitz (a sculptor), Anthony Pearson (a photographer) and Tyler Vlahovich (a painter.) Collectively, their work creates a poetic language in the context of one another; one that is complex and vague, but undeniable. It is a visual and psychic language based on a viewer's experience with these physical objects.

The materials used and represented in the work are, on the surface very simple, very basic. There is no trickery or cleverness in any of their work. Surfaces are often thin, and that is the case in all of their works. Literally beneath and behind and through the surface, for us to discover, lie the beautiful traces of the process. Their work is at times formally sloppy and at times sloppily formal.

It is by happy chance (or maybe not) that each of them practice neatly within a fairly conventionalized and historicized medium: sculpture, photography, and painting. As such, all of their work can be seen as brown constructions - muddy ideas - nearly opaque structures.

This exhibition will be followed by a show organized by New York based non-profit curatorial collaborative Hudson Clearing. This exhibition entitled ³Sleight of Hand² will be on view during the 3rd annual Art Basel Miami Fair. (December 2 through 5.)

Curated by Emily Wei and Haan Yule Chau, this exhibition features work by artists who integrate multiple layers of representation, to manipulate aspects of materiality and simulation, undermining stereotypes and forming new metaphors in a revelatory disclosure. Rather than deny structural supports or physical materials, the works subtly belie duplicity, often with a winsome, faux naïveté. Deceptively simple, and containing formal elements that are at times both harmonious and discordant, they remind the viewer of the unstable nature of perception. Works will include sculpture, painting, collage, drawing, and an outdoor installation on the roof of the exhibition space that acts as a sculptural intervention for the duration of the show.

Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday noon until 5 and by appointment.

For additional information, please contact Jane Hart at (305) 790-1797 or jane@lemonskyprojects.com.

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