CHASS Makes Its Vision a Reality

By Catherine Szilagyi, Student Intern of CHASS College Computing

The College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences has set about to assemble the finest and most creative faculty possible for this Fall and the future ahead; all starting with an effective new recruiting strategy the College is launching. Multi-position “cluster” searches have begun for two thematic academic sectors: African American Culture and Global Studies. Each sector hopes to fill a hiring cluster of seven dynamic positions, tallying up the total openings to over a dozen hires.

These hires will permit the College to attract the most creative, productive, and committed faculty, researchers and artists who are not easily pigeon-holed, but are restlessly creative. It’s the perfect opportunity for CHASS to revitalize, polish, and add to an already passionate faculty known for its cross-disciplinary exchange, and openness. This approach to recruitment exemplifies one of the intrinsic strengths of the College itself: its balance between strong disciplines and interdisciplinary innovation.

The goal of the African American Culture cluster hires will be to construct a vibrant academic community focused on African American Culture, while creating connections between other areas of study within the College.

“The proposed cluster hiring of six new faculty members in areas of African American studies is a bold, necessary, and long overdue action by the University of California, Riverside, and one to which I feel personally connected,” remarked Rickerby Hinds, Assistant Professor of Theatre. “While a student at UCR, I led a demonstration protesting the lack of African American faculty on campus… Now, as a faculty member, I find myself in the position to participate in this unprecedented action that I believe will change the face of UCR forever, putting us in the forefront on the road needed to be traveled by the institutions of higher education in our country.”

Likewise, the planned cluster hiring for the academic area of Global Studies, a major still new to the University, will provide the same new approach to recruiting faculty. A Global Studies major will seek to give the College a general interdisciplinary focus. Because the major is a broad-based study of processes and problems that transcend national boundaries, the Global Studies major will cross disciplines, appealing to faculty in the humanities, arts, and social sciences.

“The cluster hiring concept is fresh and innovative,” said Yolanda Moses, Special Assistant for Excellence and Diversity, and Executive Vice-Provost to the Chancellor. “This particular cluster hire is likely to cause a ripple effect across the country, and will reach the target audience we want with great results.”

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