Economic Professor is Selected to Join Brazilian Economic Committee

By Catherine Szilagyi, Student Intern of CHASS College Computing
March 23, 2005

Professor Marcelle Chauvet

Economics Professor Marcelle Chauvet has recently been appointed to serve as one of seven economists on Brazil’s Business Cycle Dating Committee. Selected for her distinguished technical and analytical abilities, Professor Chauvet’s position is likely to put the University’s name into the public eye like never before. The Committee was created by the Brazilian Economic Institute Getulio Vargas Foundation, and will record the country’s official economic chronology from as far back as possible to the present, in order to determine expansion and recession cycles.

The Business Cycle Dating Committee was originally an organization founded in 1920 in the United States under the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) in an effort to better understand the economy. The system functions to maintain the chronology of a country’s business cycle, identifying the highs and lows that frame economic expansion or recession, and has since been implemented in many other countries around the world. Though predominantly set up in Europe and most Westernized countries, other countries, specifically Brazil, have now begun to establish their own versions of the Business Cycle Dating Committee under their economic bureaus.

Professor Chauvet, as a committee member analyzing Brazil’s past and present economy, will be utilizing economic models of her own design that have worked under similar economic research in the past.

"The committee gets together whenever there’s a big change in the economy. The last meeting was in July 2003 due the recession in the U.S., in order to determine when the recession began and ended. It’s a tough job though, because our decisions affect the politics within the country and since what the committee says is official, we have a lot of power. We have to be very sure of our calculations when we decide that a recession has really ended or begun, or risk throwing off the entire economy and political sentiment within the country.” Professor Chauvet said.

The appointment as a committee member for Professor Chauvet is apt to bring even more prestige to the name of UC Riverside not only on a national basis, but in the international arena as well. Furthermore, grants for research endeavors are likely to become more accessible to the University, and provide more opportunities than ever before for UCR staff and students to engage in invaluable research.

Professor Chauvet’s research has consisted of everything from Time Series Analysis and Forecasting, to Applied Macroeconomics and Latin American Foreign Policy. She also past experience as an Associate Policy Adviser for the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta, Georgia, and even as a consultant in the Research and Economics Department at the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN).

For more information on Professor Chauvet, please visit her home page http://economics.ucr.edu/people/faculty/chauvet/

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