CHASS Staff Members Awarded for Excellence

By Catherine Szilagyi, Student Intern of CHASS College Computing

The annual award ceremony for Outstanding Staff and Staff Who Make a Difference was held at the UCR Extension center on May 3 rd. Presided over by the Executive Vice Chancellor, the ceremony celebrated the excellence of the University’s staff. This year also marks the first year in which the University sought to honor staff in four major categories of job classifications: Professional, Administrative Support, Technical, and Service.


Terry DeAnda (L) and EVC Wartella
Two of the eight 2004-2005 staff awards went to CHASS’ own James Lin, Director of CHASS College Computing, and Terry DeAnda, Student Affairs Officer for the Department of Sociology. Each staff member must be nominated by the University’s staff community in regards to the candidate’s career excellence, campus service, and community involvement. The awards offer a way for UCR to honor staff members who deserve special recognition for the hard work and skills they bring to both their work and community life.

The Sociology Department’s Terry DeAnda was honored in recognition of going the extra mile to personalize her student advising and research efforts, helping to increase the number of majors in the discipline from approximately 70 to more than 600 each year, and her expertise in guiding students through their studies. Under DeAnda’s guidance, students declaring their major by their sophomore year generally receive their degree in less than four years, which is below the normative campus time-to-degree. Described by her colleagues as “the backbone” of undergraduate affairs, DeAnda has served the interests of UCR students for more than 20 years, and expressed that the award presented to her was an incredible honor.


James Lin (L) and EVC Wartella
CHASS’ James Lin was recognized for, among other things, having adopted and employed state-of-the-art information technology to manage a diverse range of functions in service to the College, faculty, staff and students. Lin has helped transform CHASS from the least technologically deployed college to a campus leader in technology development, especially in the interests of the students and staff. Lin also plays a lead role in facilitating faculty research projects, mentors student interns in a program which he founded, and oversees electronic news publishing services within the College. Furthermore, he was named UC Riverside’s technical team leader for the ongoing high-profile Department of Homeland Security research project.

“I am so honored to have received this award,” said Lin, “UCR is such a wonderful working environment—anyone serving within this staff community can be sure that they will be well rewarded with more than just career opportunities.”

Awards for Outstanding Staff and Staff Who Make a Difference have been given out annually since 1986 by UC Riverside Staff Assembly that have chosen to honor members with awards recognizing their exceptional service on behalf of the University and within the community.

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