Assistant Professor Mariam B. Lam's Accomplishments

By Karen Wong, Student Intern of CHASS College Computing

Assistant Professor Mariam B. Lam, in her fourth year of teaching at the university, has already distinguished herself in her accomplishments. Currently the co-Editor in Chief of a novel project, the Journal of Vietnamese Studies, Professor Lam aims to create a medium for deliberation, conversation, and debate about Vietnamese history, politics, culture, and society. The journal will also shed light on Vietnam-related issues that have been traditionally overlooked in mainstream scholarship such as the Vietnam Diaspora and the Vietnam War.

A professor in the Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages Department, Professor Lam has taught a wide variety of courses ranging from topics concerning comparative world literature and postcolonial theory to gender and sexuality and comparative pop culture. Outside of the classroom arena, she is involved with the Politics of Race, Immigration, and Ethnicity Colloquium, the Vietnamese Studies Group, and the Center for Asian Pacific America.

Professor Lam’s inclination towards a deeper understanding and examination of cultures and countries that have lacked substantial exploration is greatly reflected in her work and commitments. Through her research and representation of issues often disregarded, she acts as a voice for truth and perception- helping to build bridges of greater comprehension and knowledge between individuals in America with those from around the world. Professor Lam is currently working on her book, Surfin’ Vietnam: Trauma, Historical Memory, and Cultural Politics in 20 th Century Literature and Film, which analyzes cultural production and community politics within Vietnam, France, and the U.S. One of her goals for the university is to solidify interaction between faculty and students. With “activist students and a progressive staff working together, a strong presence can be created”, Professor Lam states.

She has received a number of awards and honors for her work. Some of her more recent ones include the Omnibus Academic Senate Research Grant (2004) and the Rockefeller Research Fellow (2002).

Professor Lam received her B.A. in English and Spanish and her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). Prior to teaching at UCR, she served as a faculty member at UCI and Loyola Marymount University.

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