Professor Walter Clark Received the Robert M. Stevenson Award

By Kathleen DeAtley
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November 21, 2006

Walter ClarkThe Department of Music is pleased to announce that Dr. Walter A. Clark, department chair and director of the Center for Iberian and Latin American Music, has received the Robert M. Stevenson Award for his recent biography, Enrique Granados:  Poet of the Piano (Oxford University Press, 2006).  This award recognizes outstanding scholarship in Iberian music. The designation"Iberian music" includes music composed, performed, created, collected, belonging to, or descended from the musical cultures of Spain, Portugal, and all Latin American areas in which Spanish and Portuguese are spoken.  The prize is awarded annually to a book, monograph, edition, or journal article by a member of the American Musicological Society. The publication must be written in English and must have been published during the preceding three calendar years.

The award consists of a monetary prize and a certificate. The winner is selected by a committee of three scholars appointed by the President of the Society.  The award was conferred at the Annual Business Meeting and Awards Presentation of the Society by the chair of the committee, on November 4, 2006, in Los Angeles.

In announcing the award, John Koegel, chair of the award committee, said the following about the volume:  "Clark's always engaging and elegantly written book on the important Spanish composer Enrique Granados is the definitive study in any language of the composer, his works, and their place in Spanish society and culture.  The author is to be commended for illuminating the many facets of Granados's compositional output, not just the well-known piano and solo vocal works but also his theatrical, orchestral, and chamber pieces.  Especially praiseworthy is the way that Clark exposes the composer's dual and contradictory allegiances to Catalan regionalism and Spanish nationalism.  The author's treatment of the complexities of Catalan identity and the way that such complexities played out within the terrain of local opera production is laudable.  Clark's knowledge of the richness and diversity of Spanish folklore allows him to understand and inform the reader of the nuances in Granados's use of quotation and style-quotation in his music.  These are nuances that his Spanish audience would have seized upon, but that have often escaped foreign commentators.

"Walter Clark also deftly places Granados's work within the intellectual and political history of Spain and Europe, which has implications for Granados's choice of topics, style, and aesthetics.  Ever sensitive to class issues that inform both Granados's music and the complexities of Spanish regional and national identities, Clark does not hesitate to set the record straight when he feels commentators on Granados's music have failed to understand it on its own terms, yet he can also be clear on its shortcomings; in doing so, he gently but firmly dispels myths and shakes off old ways of understanding Spanish music.  Walter Clark has a natural empathy for his subject but is dispassionate when needed.

"Enrique Granados: Poet of the Piano not only reevaluates this important composer's  life and music, but also serves as a model for future studies of other Spanish and Latin American musicians."

For more information,  please contact:  Walter A. Clark, Professor of Musicology, UC Riverside, walter.clark@ucr.edu, (951) 827-2114.

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