One Size Fits All by Rickerby Hinds

By My Nguyen, Student Intern of CHASS College Computing

Rickerby HindsRickerby Hinds, Assistant Professor at the University of California, Riverside, play, One Size Fits All will world premiere this month at UCR’s Department of Theatre.  Hinds, who earned his MFA in playwriting from UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film and Television, and was twice awarded the Audrey Skirball-Kenis (ASK) Award for best play, is known for his visionary creations that span the gamut of human emotions.

Born in Honduras, Central America, Hinds and his family moved to Los Angeles when he was 13.  And Hinds is no stranger when it comes to bridging cultural divides.  In One Size Fits All, Hinds explores the abuse of children around the world especially in third world countries, through their quest for the perfect pair of sneakers. 

More than 200 million children worldwide work the production lines.  These children manufacture shoes, matches, clothing, rugs and countless other products for their livelihood.  Children, as young as four or five, are employed to make these products that gradually end up on American shelves.

More than 60 years ago, the United States banned the endorsement of child labor, sweatshops, long workdays and work weeks.  But because of trade practices such as the World Trade Organization that prohibits member nations like the United States from discrimination against the importation of goods made by children, Americans are subsidizing this practice. 

Through the narration of Indo, Dominike, Yugo, and Eric who toil for their perfect pair of shoes, One Size Fits All explores the lives of these children who are able to defeat their oppressors and eventually earn their shoes through the power of imagination. 

Among Hinds other works include, Blackballin’, which received a reading at London’s Royal Court Theatre, examines the issue of race and history in American sports and society.  In Keep Hedz Ringin’, a Hip-hop opera adaptation of Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle, Hinds explores the effects of greed.

One Size Fits All will be premiering on Thursday, January 25, 8 pm at the Studio Theatre, ARTS 113.  Admission is $14 for general audiences and $12 for students and seniors.  For more information, call (951) 827-3245, or go to www.theatre.ucr.edu.

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