Anthropology Doctoral Student Awarded Research Grants

By Pauline Moc, Student Intern of CHASS College Computing

Patrick Linder, a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Anthropology, was awarded a $30,000 research grant from the UC Labor and Employment Research Fund for his dissertation research project, The Immigrant Enclave and Social Difference in the Coachella Valley: Labor and Housing as Indicators of Internal Distinction. Grants and research programs are managed by the Labor and Employment Research Fund, which is run by the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) Office of Research and is supervised by faculty members representing all ten UC campuses.

Linder's dissertation research takes place in Southern California's Coachella Valley, home to many labor migrants and their children, and deals with migration, economy, and social stratification. The Immigrant Enclave and Social Difference in the Coachella Valley: Labor and Housing as Indicators of Internal Distinction examines the social divisions that partition eastern Coachella Valley communities and the outcome of these divisions as migrant workers navigate their daily lives between their homes in California and their families in communities throughout Mexico.

Linder received a B.A. in Anthropology and an M.A. in Latin American Studies at UCLA. He has participated in archaeological research in Southern California at the Mission of San Juan, Capistrano, and Northern Belize. He has, additionally, organized and participated in ethnographic research on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, and the Coachella Valley. For the last two years, Linder has served as the Program Coordinator for two research projects at UCR, with Dr. Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez's Capacity Building for the Future Ethnographic Investigation Project and with Dr. Juliet McMullin's Cultural Models of Supervision: An Interdisciplinary Study.



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