Panel Discussions Bring New Methodology to Understanding

By Elizabeth Romero, Student Intern of CHASS College Computing

"Current Affairs: Faculty Panel Discussion Series" is a new medium of communication developed by CHASS to open new doors of learning for the UCR Community. The objective of the series is to raise student awareness and promote understanding of timely issues confronting the region, state, nation and the world. The first event in this series, "US & Global Financial Crisis: The Way Forward," was held on October 23rd, in the University Theater. It was organized by Associate Dean of CHASS, Anil B. Deolalikar.

US & Global Financial Crisis: The Way Forward had a panel of six faculty speakers, each of whom was first invited to speak for five minutes on a topic related to his or her area of specialization. Sattar Mansi, Associate Professor of Finance in the Anderson Graduate School of Management (AGSM), spoke on "Mortgages: Sub-Prime Securitized.". Richard L. Smith, Boyd Professor of Finance and Chair of the Department of Finance, discussed the issue, "Financial Links: Wall Street to Main Street and Back.". David W. Steward, Dean of AGSM, spoke on "Panic Psychology, Panic Politics: Runs, Crashes and Bailouts.". CHASS Associate Dean Anil B. Deolalikar’s segment was on "Global Markets/Global Disaster?" Richard Sutch, Distinguished Professor of Economics, focused on the Great Depression, "Déjà vu? The Great Depression Revisited." Finally, Marcelle Chauvet, Associate Professor of Economics, addressed the issue, "Economic Collapse — What’s Next?"

After panel speakers made their individual presentations, the 258 attendees – faculty, staff and students – were invited to participate in a Question- and- Answer segment. The discussion was moderated by Professor Richard Sutch. The discussion period went on for more than an hour, with more than 25 persons asking questions on a variety of topics. Questions ranged from the wisdom of the federal bail-out to what the United States should be doing to improve its long-run economic competitiveness.

The faculty panel discussions are not only informative but they also provoke students to think creatively for themselves about current issues of significance to the region, state, nation and the world. The Q&A format is highly interactive and much more engaging than a long-winded lecture on the same topic. 

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