History of Art Department Branches Out

By Elizabeth Romero, Intern of CHASS College Computing
February 9, 2009

History of Art Department is known for being active both nationally and internationally. Paper submissions, guest speakers, panelists, are just a few activities that are done at home and abroad. Faculty members listed below,  along with their activities, are representative of the History of Art Department's eclectic role nationally and internationally.

Malcolm Baker (Professor and Chair) has submitted papers to An Absolutist Medium for a Constitutional Monarchy? British Royal Monuments in Bronze for a colloquium held in Paris, France. Baker also attended a conference in London titled "The Marble Index": Physiognomy and the Sculptural Portrait in the Eighteenth Century. In addition, he was a respondent for a workshop on Art and Agency in Early Modern Europe in the Netherlands, where he also served on the review committee for the History of Art Department for the University of Warwick.

Jeanette Kohl (Assistant Professor) has attended conferences both nationally and internationally. In Memphis, she attended the 6th Quadrennial Italian Renaissance Sculpture Conference: "Bust and Body" Sculpted Portraiture in the Renaissance. In Los Angeles, Kohl attended From Bust to Bone. Making Faces in Art and Plastic Surgery which was the College Arts Association's (CAA) 97th annual conference. She also attended a colloquium in Basel, Switzerland titled Inside out? Portrait, Skulptur un Körper im Quattrocento; Berlin, Germany led her to a conference regarding Index. The Face in Times of its Reproducibility.

Liz Kotz (Assistant Professor) went international to San Paolo, Brazil as a speaker at "CinemaSim: Seminario Internacional Ainda Cinema".  In New York, she was a panelist for Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation Art Writers Grand Program, and a Round Table member for the Symposium: The Book as Such in the Russian Avant-Garde in Los Angeles.

Pat Morton (Associate Professor) was a moderator in Los Angles for the colloquium on Every Day Urbanism and attended Learning From Kitsch, a CAA 97th annual conference. In Burbank, she was a speaker at the conference Valley Summit: Designing the San Fernando Valley.

Stella Nair (Assistant Professor) was a Getty Postdoctoral Fellow, in residence, as Precolumbian Studies Fellow at Dumbarton Oaks in Washington D.C.

Jason Weems (Assistant Professor) was a panel member at the colloquium on photographs, "In the Paths of Righteousness", at the UCR/California Museum of Photography.

Françoise Forster-Hahn (Professor) is an honorary member of the Comité international d'histoire de l'art, having served as its US representative.

Kris Neville (Assistant Professor) submitted papers to Brussles, Belgium in regards to On the Invisibility of the Netherlandish Sculpture and to Vienna, Austria in regards to Fischer von Erlach's Entwurff einer historischen Architectur: New Answers, New Questions.

Conrad Rudolph (Professor) was invited to Cosmic Politics: Hugh of St Victor's The Mystic Ark and the Struggle over Elite Education in the Twelfth Century in Washington D.C. Rudolph also went to Vancouver, Canada, where a lecture, based on his "Pilgrimage to the End of the World," accompanied a new orchestral work by a British composer on the theme of pilgrimage.

Even though these are just a few examples of how the History of Art's faculty have branched out nationally and internationally, readers can see how well the faculty help individuals all over the world "analyze critically how art and architecture have been used in the past and are used in the present through a thorough understanding of their visual, contextual, and ideological bases" (as stated on History of Art's website).

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