CHASS and Chancellor Wilcox Support the Chamber Singers

By Elizabeth Brown, CHASS Dean's Office Student Intern
October 24, 2013

Dr. Ruth Charloff has directed the UCR Chamber Singers and Chamber Orchestra for 18 years. Chancellor Kim Wilcox has recognized her hard work, and the talent of this choral group, by expressing interest in joining the singers. Although he has not yet joined the chamber singers due to his heavy schedule conflicting with the twice a week, midday rehearsals, Chancellor Wilcox plans to rehearse and perform as soon as time allows for it.

Though predominantly student based, the Chamber Singers extend open auditions to faculty and the community as well. Currently, there are two community members, and one faculty member, Professor Morris Maduro from the biology department. Recent UCR graduate Matthew Felver is the new piano accompanist, having experience with the Chamber Singers and also playing a piano concerto with the Chamber Orchestra at UCR during his senior year.

This open audition style helps to provide more people with the opportunity to explore the unique experience of singing in a choral group. Dr. Charloff describes the experience as engaging the practitioners in group activity, understanding of beauty, coordination, and rhythm. There have also been scientific studies that prove the act of singing in a group relaxes and is good for the body hormonally.

The Chamber Singers have recently been working with CHASS F1RST in a series of concerts following the annual theme. So far, they have performed on the themes of War and Sustainability to great success, and plan to perform on this year’s theme, Justice, during spring quarter. CHASS’s support has been greatly appreciated and helps to spread more publicity for the Chamber Singers among the student population. The concert this year will feature a wide variety of folk, political, and classical music selected by Dr. Charloff.

The Chamber Singers will be performing on December 5 at 8:00pm at the Performance Lab in the Arts building, and on December 8 at 4:00pm at Calvary Presbyterian church. These holiday themed concerts will feature a wide range of Christmas and Chanukah themed music, as well as some additional songs not related to the holidays. The music selected varies from renaissance, baroque, and contemporary, and also have some Chanukah songs oriented for children, so the events will be interesting for all ages.

The next auditions will occur in January, and Dr. Charloff can be contacted in late November or early December for information and more specified information.

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