The Impact of Donors and Scholarships on the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

By Elizabeth Brown, CHASS Dean’s Office Student Intern
November 14, 2014

The College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS) at UC Riverside offers many scholarships to graduate and undergraduate students through scholarships.ucr.edu. Though they are often unknown to students, donors - specifically alumni of UCR and past CHASS students - fund many of these scholarships.

Launa Wilson’s role as Sr. Director of Development in CHASS, is to establishlong-term relationships with donors. CHASS has 20 departments, all of which have their own specific scholarships, in addition to the CHASS-wide and campus-wide scholarships available to students. Wilson states that the CHASS Dean’s Scholarship for undergraduates is the most popular fund that alumni donate to because of its scope and availability for all CHASS students. Scholarships such as this one are “used most broadly,” and receive the most donations because donors want to be able to help the widest range of students possible.

There are many ways to donate to CHASS, the simplest being to go to ucr.edu/giving for a general monetary gift. Most donations, however, come from cultivated relationships and “student fund callers.” The student fund callers are current undergraduate students who call alumni and tell them about UCR’s current projects and goals, and try to match a fund with the donor’s interests. Another way funds are acquired is through people like Launa Wilson, who talks to alumni from as far back as the 1960’s,when the campus was a mere 1000 students compared to its current 20,000. Wilson searches for alumni who feel a “deep connection with CHASS” and in the process of “day to day, face to face” conversation is able to hear about how UCR has affected the lives of people of all ages. The donors also get a chance to see how far CHASS, and UCR as a whole has grown over the decades, and keep their past legacies as pioneering students alive and well by funding future students and success opportunities.

Currently, along with department chairs and Interim Dean Shaun Bowler, Wilson is working on filling the need for more graduate student scholarship opportunities in CHASS. They are launching a special project this year to raise funds for travel research scholarships specifically, so that graduate students in areas such as archeology, for example, may be able to better complete the research they need by being funded for travel.

For more information on scholarships, please visit scholarships.ucr.edu, or the Financial Aid Office at finaid.ucr.edu

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