CHASS Incentive Plan & Processes

CHASS Proposal Incentive (CHP In) Policy

CHASS Proposal Preparation Help

Working with Your Analyst

Early on….

  • Email GRANT WRITER and meet to discuss your funding needs to accomplish scholarship goals

When you find a funding opportunity (or need help finding one)….?

  • Email GRANT WRITER and meet to discuss the Request for Proposal (RFP) and set a timeline for proposal development based on the funding agency’s proposal deadline
  • Provide final draft of your proposal to your GRANT WRITER in a timely manner* for ensure a thoughtful review (suggestions for improvement to organization and writing) and technical edit (*how much time depends on many things, but at least 2-4 weeks before you submit to your ANALYST for final submission to RED, which can be up to 2 weeks prior to funder’s deadline stated in RFP)
  • GRANT WRITER can review all written parts of your proposal provided sufficient time
  • Final submission process varies by sponsor and is specified in the RFP, so do read it!
  • Review requests are managed to maximize successful submission based on funder deadlines; every effort is made to complete requests on time and in the order received, but on occasion, processing cannot be completed on a “first-come-first serve” basis. Please submit materials early to avoid losing a priority placement for review.

Timeline: Minimum 12 days before proposal is due to agency    

  • The Request for Proposal (RFP) states date application is due to the agency.
  • Office of Research and Economic Development needs 3 days (standard) or 7 days (non-standard) to review prior to this date.
  • C&G Manager needs a minimum of 5 days before that to put your materials into a Grants.gov or Fastlane application and produce an electronic Campus Approval Form (eCAF).

What can the CHASS Contract and Grant Manager do for you?:

  • Review RFP
  • Look for agency requirements (i.e. font size, margin size, CV length, Project Summary or Abstract, etc.)
  • Review narrative, abstract, etc. for spelling errors, missing words, grammar, etc.
  • Fill out applications Grants.gov, Fastlane, other agencies
  • Create budget and budget narrative, if necessary

I found a funding opportunity, now what?

  • Contact me
  • With the RFP, we discuss the timeline.
  • I complete eCAF.
  • You work on narrative, abstract, project docs.
  • I work on budget, with input from you.  The narrative will drive the budget and the budget will drive the narrative.  We should be in contact as soon as you think you will submit.
  • I complete the agency’s application (if you wish).
  • Application, with project docs, is attached to eCAF.
  • eCAF routed to PI, Co-PIs (if applicable), Chair(s), Dean (if applicable), to Office of Research and Economic Development (RED).
  • Cover letters – some agencies require signed cover letters from RED; especially with hard copy applications.  I can coordinate.
  • Final submission process varies by sponsor and is specified in the RFP

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