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CHASS Strategic Planning

CHASS will use UCR 2030 as a foundation to develop a college-specific strategic plan

UCR 2030 is a campus-wide strategic planning effort that will identify UCR’s priorities and goals and provide a roadmap for how to achieve them. It is driven by three broad strategic goals for the central campus organization:

  1. Build financial stability, resiliency, and sustainability
  2. Invest in the success of the people who teach, do research, work, learn, and live at UCR
  3. Expand the visibility and scope of influence of UCR locally, nationally, and globally.

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Elizabeth Watkins had originally asked deans and other senior leaders to target completion of college, school, and unit plans by the end of the fall quarter, but based on feedback from the Academic Senate, the Provost will be updating the campus framework, extending the deadline for the completion of unit-level plans. 

CHASS will use this framework as a foundation to develop a college-specific strategic plan that sets goals, timelines, and metrics for achievement utilizing the three broad goals provided above, as well as the five pillars presented within the CHASS State of the College:

  1. Research: Center CHASS as an R1 knocking at AAU’s door.
  2. Public Engagement: Embrace our place in Inland California and among its people.
  3. Student Experience: Celebrate our students as innovators and disruptors.
  4. Budget & Organization: See the big picture and its alignment to our mission.
  5. Our Future: Envision where we go together from here.

Below is a matrix with suggested objectives specifically for CHASS. 

CHASS Strategic Planning Matrix

Each CHASS department will meet individually to focus on actionable initiatives relevant to its unit, with specific metrics to assess progress toward goals and a timeline of seven years to 2030. A larger campus-wide matrix also provides suggested objectives, key initiatives, action items to further the objectives, and metrics by which we can gauge our progress and develop additional action items.

CHASS Strategic Planning Listening Session (Staff)

Tuesday, January 24, 2-3 pm

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CHASS Strategic Planning Listening Session (Faculty)

Wednesday, January 25, 2-3 pm

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Strategic Planning Resources and Updates

Find information and reports from the Provost’s office, steering committee, and working groups that can help to inform your own unit planning.

Strategic Planning Resources