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The College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS) is the largest college at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). Our strength is our interdisciplinary power. More than 10,000 students select from 60+ majors and study alongside faculty who support their dreams. With access to groundbreaking research centers, art galleries, and performance spaces, CHASS students create work that inspires the world.

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Joanna Szupinska, senior curator of exhibitions at UCR Arts, stands in front of the Christina Fernandez exhibition at the California Museum of Photography on Wednesday, September 7, 2022. (UCR/Sandra Baltazar Martínez)
UCR ARTS: Christina Fernandez’s photo exhibition captures life
This is Fernandez’s first major solo museum show. The images reflect on various social issues and explores her Mexican American identity.
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Liking another group doesn't mean you dislike your own
More than 70 years ago, a pair of psychologists conducted a study in which they asked young Black girls to choose between Black and white dolls. The girls overwhelmingly chose white dolls, ascribing positive attributes to them. The Black girls’ choices and reasoning were interpreted by study authors to indicate “a feeling of inferiority among African-American children and damaged... self-esteem.” The die was cast in psychology discourse: If you like a group to which you don’t belong — an “outgroup” — it’s because you have bad feelings about your own group — your “ingroup.”
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Alfredo Mirandé, a UC Riverside distinguished professor of sociology and ethnic studies, on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. (UCR/Stan Lim)
A new look at ‘The Chicano Experience’
Professor Alfredo Mirandé’s 1985 foundational sociology book has a completely revised second edition.
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queen coronation glove
The queen is dead. Will the monarchy survive? Should it?
Sept. 8, Queen Elizabeth II died at 96 after a 70-year reign, the longest of any British monarch in history. We asked a UC Riverside British history expert, Jonathan Eacott, and a British-born UCR political scientist, Shaun Bowler, to assess the future of the monarchy.  Q: At the queen’s passing, Boris Johnson said, “… We understand the vital role she played, selflessly and calmly embodying the continuity and unity of our country.” The role is largely ceremonial, but does the monarchy still serve a purpose for the British people?
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Indigenous people
We respectfully acknowledge our responsibility to the original and current caretakers of this land, water and air: The Cahuilla, Tongva, Luiseño, and Serrano peoples. Today, this location is home to many Indigenous peoples from all over the world. We are grateful to have the opportunity to live and work on these homelands.








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Alondra Marquez Carter
My favorite thing about being a CHASS student is understanding how beautifully all of its disciplines overlap. Oftentimes I would find myself sitting in a sociology lecture contemplating how matters of psychology or history were inextricably linked to my own discipline.
Alondra Marquez Carter
Justin Daniel Domecillo
Before CHASS, I wasn’t able to discuss, research, or write about queer topics that I loved, but here I’ve been given resources and opportunities to contribute my own voice in academia, and to join conversations that have been otherwise silencing.
Justin Daniel Domecillo
Dashia Vonzelle Saunderlin
CHASS has opened my eyes to a lot of different aspects of not only college but the world, too. I get to experience the different aspects of media and how it affects our society and culture, and I really want to build a career off of that and use my creativity with it ...
Dashia Vonzelle Saunderlin
Media and Cultural Studies
Difza Ibragimova
I am more of a creative spirit. Pre-Business allows me to do what I want to do and CHASS economics is a very interesting topic. It's about making decisions and choices. It's intriguing because it allows me to reflect on my own decisions too.
Difza Ibragimova
Jon Paredes
One of the things I like about CHASS is that it really makes us question what makes us human. I feel that it delves deeper and is more critical of what makes us ‘us,' and that’s why I chose history. I feel like it shows where we came from and how we started out.
Jon Paredes
Sukhmeen Kaur Kahlon
My favorite thing about CHASS is that it involves just as much unlearning as it does learning new material ... Being a CHASS student means constantly rethinking the structures and systems that we have always considered normal because normal isn’t always right.
Sukhmeen Kaur Kahlon
Political Science/Law & Society
Luis Sanchez
In CHASS, I've met different students of different ethnicity and backgrounds. It's really cool to see that because in STEM classes, you're so focused in your labs, you don't have time to communicate with each other. But CHASS is more like you talk with each other, you socialize to learn with each other, to learn from each other. I think that's the greatest advantage in being a CHASS student.
Luis Sanchez

More than a Major

At the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS), you’re not only part of the biggest student body UCR, you are seen, supported, and challenged as an individual. At CHASS, you don’t have to limit yourself to one discipline. You can create an interdisciplinary program that’s as multifaceted as you are.

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UCR offers support to students, faculty and staff affected by sexual violence, harassment, or discrimination.

The College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS) is committed to academic freedom. Our faculty are established and admired scholars in their respective fields and are valued members of our university. All of our scholars and creative artists at University of California, Riverside (UCR) have the right of academic freedom necessary to pursue scholarship and research on important subjects and to reach conclusions even if some might disagree with those conclusions. Exploring challenging and important questions is exactly what scholars in a world-class university should be doing.

Protecting free speech and fostering opportunities for civil engagement are at the core of CHASS at UCR. We strongly believe that only by listening to others can we begin to understand their perspectives. Concurrently, we also believe that we are best heard when we are respectful and inclusive in our speech, whether we are faculty, a student, staff or a community member. In pursuit of these ideals, CHASS stands committed to social justice and supports our faculty whose rigorous and responsible scholarship refuses to shy away from acknowledging the enduring fact of inequality. In the face of competing claims to truth, the work of UCR faculty is driven by carefully ascertained evidence. CHASS honors and fosters the multiple points of view of its faculty, students, and staff whose experiences and beliefs comprise a wide spectrum. In that vein, the College strongly supports perspectives consistent with our UCR Principles of Community...

In addition, CHASS abhors all acts of sexual violence, sexual harassment, abuse of power, and bullying in any form. As Dean of CHASS, I applaud the bravery and selflessness of students, faculty, and staff who have come forward to expose and to prevent further harm caused to our community. We want to ensure a thorough, fair, and transparent application of the University’s disciplinary procedures and policies, including the Faculty Code of Conduct, to review and adjudicate cases of alleged sexual harassment, abuse of power, and other improper activities. I pledge to work with all employees within CHASS to ensure a climate which values the contributions and potential of all of our members, while at the same time creating an environment where the CHASS community feels safe to report and proactively prevent sexual violence, sexual harassment, abuse of power, and bullying.