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Strategic Staffing Task Force

CHASS Strategic Staffing Task Force Charge

The CHASS Strategic Staffing Task Force will comprehensively identify and assess the staffing needs of the college for the next five years, with a focus on identifying and correcting gaps and opportunities that will support the organization’s growth and success. 

The CHASS Strategic Staffing Task Force includes internal CHASS staff and faculty as well as campus partners outside of CHASS. The approach and mission of the task force is outlined below.

  • Strengths-Based Approach

    Ensure that any initiatives or changes recognize and build upon the existing strengths and accomplishments of staff.

    Encourage a positive and empowering work environment that focuses on future possibilities and opportunities rather than dwelling on operational shortcomings and financial constraints.

  • Alignment with College Mission

    Keep the College's mission and CHASS Strategic Plan ( at the forefront of decision-making and planning. All efforts should aim to advance educational attainment and world-class research in Inland Southern California.

  • AAU Membership and MSI Status

    Leverage the College's rare status as both a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU) member institution and a Minority-Serving Institution (MSI) to drive initiatives that align with the specific needs and opportunities that arise from this dual identity.

  • Global College Thinking

    Ensure that all decisions and actions take into account the broader perspective of the entire College. Consider how each action impacts various departments, programs, and stakeholders within the College.

  • Use of Qualitative and Quantitative Measures

    Make data-driven recommendations by using both qualitative and quantitative measures to assess the strengths, needs, and opportunities of staffing. Engage members in determining these measures to ensure they reflect the College's goals.

  • Long-Term Focus

    Emphasize a strategic, forward-looking approach that addresses staffing needs over one-, three-, and five-plus year horizons. Immediate operational needs should continue to be managed through existing processes.

  • Specific asks of the Dean of the College
    • Identify how we strengthen staffing and improve services the college provides in our core responsibilities of undergraduate student success (e.g., admissions, retention, high-impact opportunities, graduation)
    • Promote a culture of professional development and succession planning.
    • Determine how to better structure core functions (e.g. graduate student affairs), looking closely at the other colleges (e.g. CNAS Graduate Student Affairs Center) and the new requirements of collective bargaining agreements 
    • Develop a specific and benchmarked plan to identify needs for staffing and training to advance the CHASS research enterprise
    • Assess and enhance staff contributions to democratic dialogue, inclusion, and decision-making in CHASS
    • Establish Staff Equity Advisor roles, responsibilities, term length, and selection process from among current CHASS staff to ensure an ongoing emphasis on equity beyond the conclusion of this committee
    • Propose an organizational chart that maps the titling, structure and portfolio of senior staff in the College to senior staff leadership on campus and systemwide
    • Create a culture that supports participation in campus committees, mentoring programs,  professional development, and community building
  • CHASS Strategic Staffing Task Force Deliverables
    1. A comprehensive report outlining the findings of the workforce analysis, including identified staffing gaps, needs, and opportunities.
    2. Recommendations for addressing staffing gaps, including strategies for recruitment, training, and development.
    3. Succession planning strategies to ensure leadership continuity and talent development.
    4. Proposed revisions to budget allocations or resource management to address staffing-related financial concerns.
    5. A roadmap for monitoring and adjusting staffing plans over the next five years.
    6. Recommendation for Staff Equity Advisor responsibilities and scope of work.
  • Timeline

    The task force is expected to complete its work and present its findings and recommendations to the organization's leadership by April, at the State of College.

    • October: charge and logistics
    • November/December/January: internal work
    • February: preliminary report-out to CHASS senior leadership and designated advisors and report-outs and feedback sessions 
    • March: final recommendations to the Dean of the College
    • April: action plans announced at the State of the College
  • Resources
    • Website: Explore our online resources to stay informed and connected.
    • Staff Support: For personalized assistance, reach out to Alisha French, dedicated staff support.
    • Engagement Survey: In collaboration with Central HR, we provide the opportunity to participate in a Gallup engagement survey to gather valuable insights from our current staff.
    • Designated Advisors: Receive guidance and support from the following key advisors:
      • Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Human Resources Officer
      • CHASS Faculty Equity Advisors
      • CHASS Faculty Executive Committee
      • Campus Employee Affinity Group Leadership

In consultation with Alex Najera, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, we announce a new task force specifically charged with identifying critical needs for staffing in our College. This initiative had its preview in late spring, in the 2023 State of the College. As the fall term begins, we turn to the important work of identifying staffing gaps, needs, and opportunities during the next five years.  

Members of the task force include:

CHASS Faculty Equity Advisors Susan Zeiger and Liz Davis, AVC Najera, and Wesley Leonard, Chair of the CHASS Executive Committee, have agreed to serve as external advisors. 

The committee will begin meeting in early October and will present its findings and recommendations to the Dean and CHASS Leadership Team in February 2024. We look forward to the committee recommendations as we move towards achieving more strategic staffing across the college.

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