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Contract & Grant Administration

Contracts & Grants Support Center

The CHASS Dean’s Office provides expert-level C&G assistance for principal investigators and departments. For more information, click on the image above.

PI email hotline:

Who to Contact?

  • Accounts Payable – Expense reimbursements (e.g., POs, ePay, iTravel)
    • Aver Smith, AP Supervisor
    • Dorthea Ford: Subcontracts, professional service/consultant agreements, leases, ProCard use tax adjustment, Connexus/US Bank
    • Sandy Danford: Account reconciliation, cash deposits/CCRRS
    • Cathy Newland: PO Vendors (A-D, O-P)
    • Tatiana Dolberg: PO Vendors (E-N)
    • Philisa Merino-Dent: PO Vendors (Q-Z), freight & utility 
    • Isaura Brewster: iTravel, ePay, removals/relocations
    • Mimi Collins: iTravel, ePay, removals/relocations
    • Valerie Davis: Vendor maintenance, returned vendor checks
  • Extramural Funds (EMF) – Provides guidance and compliance oversight for C&G

    Provides guidance and compliance oversight for C&G (i.e., sponsor invoicing/collection, development, interpretation, and implementation of UC and UCR policies and external rules in the conduct of extramurally funded research, subcodes for GSRs, post-awards matter)

    • Fred Devera, Fund Manager 
    • Roseline Alonzo-Le:  Federal C&G (NSF, NIH, & Dept. of Education), Annual Payroll Certifications
      phone: (951) 827-1954
    • Charmane Custodio:  State C&G, Local Govt C&G, Private Grants, Marketing Board Awards
      phone: (951) 827-1903
    • Kim Gala:  Federal C&G (Other), Federal Appropriations
      phone: (951) 827-1953
  • General Accounting – Intercampus transactions, sales and service activities, and monthly/year-end closing activities
    • Jerry Monahan, Supervisor
    • Michael Mochache: Construction payments, capitalization (buildings, equipment, general improvement, infrastructure, land)
    • Jillian Ramirez: Intercampus order and/or charge (IOC), auxiliary
    • Margaret Tjia: accounting/equipment analyst, asset management system (AMS), inventorial equipment accounting, equipment transfers to or from other institutions, equipment inventory modification requests (EIMR)
  • Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) – Review/submission of extramural proposals and preaward negotiations
  • Research Development – assists with proposal development and grant writing