Future Undergraduate Students

Future Undergrads

Prepare for Life With an Accessible Interdisciplinary Education

CHASS prides itself on its commitment to undergraduate education. The College seeks to instill in students the tools and abilities to help them better understand the world around them. These include:

  • strong faculties of criticism, judgment, and imagination
  • the ability to communicate more clear communication
  • resources to examine meanings and values

CHASS offers more than 50 disciplinary and interdisciplinary majors as well as individually tailored programs for a student who finds that well-defined personal academic goals can be reached through the resources and interested faculty at UCR but for which no suitable major is offered.

Get Started Right With CHASS F1RST

CHASS F1RST, the First-Year Experience in the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences can help you on your path to your academic, career and life goals through a broad range of academic experiences. These can help you excel in your collegiate education, both at UCR and beyond.

This program includes:

  • CHASS Connect – a program for freshmen in the college that helps ensure students excel in their first year at UCR. It features significant interaction with faculty, personalized advising and peer mentorship.
  • Gateway Lectures – eminent UCR scholars assist freshmen with the transition from high school to college through a unique introduction to intellectual discussion. The freshman-only lecture course explores an annual theme and helps to build relationships with classmates and an intellectual connection to the college community.

Scenes from a Classroom

Scenes from a Classroom allows you to have a brief but intimate look at a class being offered by a department within CHASS, then to go behind the scenes with the instructor and learn what drives the instructor and motivates the students.

Featured instructors include Roger Ransom of history, Peter Graham of philosophy, Juan Felipe Hererra of creative writing and Wendy Rogers of dance.

Scenes from a Classroom

Meet some of the best and brightest students who have studied within CHASS with Minds Alive.

These students capture the essence of the student body at UCR: ambitious, committed and curious individuals who took chances and aspire to achieve at a high academic level.

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