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Rupert Costo

Rupert Costo: A Legacy at UC Riverside

Rupert Costo saw a vision to establish a university in Riverside. If you’ve ever visited Costo Hall on UC Riverside’s campus, you are familiar with Rupert Costo. Costo Hall, located near the Highlander Union Building and home to many Ethnic and Gender Program offices, is named after Costo and his spouse, Jeannette. He was a...
By Lina Tejeda, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing and Communications |
Wash Tétewan

UCR Becomes First UC to Offer Local Cahuilla Language Series

In Winter 2019, UC Riverside offered CAH001, an introductory course to the Cahuilla language, a local Native American tribal language. UCR became the first UC to offer an Indigenous language series that fulfills graduation language requirements to all students. This series is especially important because UC Riverside is situated on the traditional lands of the...
By Lina Tejeda, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing & Communications |
Edward Chang

Ethnic Studies Professor Chang receives distinguished award from Korea

At 18, UC Riverside Professor Edward Chang immigrated to the United States. He had two goals: To learn English and get an education. Decades later, Chang has been awarded the Order of Civil Merit, one of the highest medals from the Republic of Korea, for his academic research promoting Korean culture in both the U.S...
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Worku Nida

Beyond Campus Walls: Inspiring Students in Alternative High Schools

“In my life, I received help from all kinds of good people to get where I am now, and I am determined to pay it back anyway I can,” said Assistant Professor of Anthropology Worku Nida. For the past three years, Nida has been traveling to Central High School, an alternative school in Los Angeles...
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African-American Studies

African-American Studies has a long history and legacy at UC Riverside

African-American history and its study has been a cornerstone at UC Riverside since the 1960s. The Black Studies major was created in 1969, when a group of 60 students, led by Charles Jenkins, decided to further their pursuits for knowledge surrounding African-American culture, according to the website for UCR's African Student Programs. The major dissolved...
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