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Apply by March 4: CHASS scholarships help students travel the world

Available to all CHASS undergraduate students, the funding provides ‘profound’ international learning experiences
By Olivia Garcia, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing and Communications |

Picture this. You find inspiration to fill out a scholarship application to fulfill a dream of yours: the opportunity to learn in a new world. All of a sudden, you’re getting paid to travel the world while experiencing new cultural life. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, thanks to the CHASS “At Home in the World” Endowed Student Award Fund and the Judith Stolpa Neveau International Studies Endowed Scholarship Fund, it’s not. 

Both scholarships help UCR students travel the world and have cultural learning experiences while studying. Any current CHASS undergraduate student ​​with financial need pursuing an international educational experience is eligible to apply and the deadline for both is March 4, 2022. These scholarships are a chance to explore UCR’s curriculum and branch outside of it with ample opportunities for students and future leaders.

“Experience is not only about going to a new country and learning a new language, but learning to appreciate new ways of thinking, and experiencing and understanding different people, its traditions and its culture,” said Alicia Arrazón, Assistant Dean of CHASS Student Academic Affairs and a professor in Gender & Sexuality Studies. 

Tiffany Jai is a second-year CHASS undergraduate student studying Comparative Literature in English and Chinese in Taiwan at the National Taiwan University between fall 2021 and spring 2022. Jai was one of the students who was awarded the Judith Stolpa Neveau International Studies Endowed Scholarship in 2021. 

“My main goal for coming [to Taiwan] was to sharpen my Chinese, and constantly speaking and practicing has been really helpful in learning the language,” Jai said. According to Jai, the scholarship saved her $3,000 in her tuition, making it easier to realize her dreams of studying abroad. 

“On top of that, I've been able to enroll in courses that aren't available at UCR, such as a journalistic writing course,” Jai said. “Next semester, I plan to take Chinese literature courses that are not available at UCR.” 

Both the At Home in the World Fund and Judith Stolpa Neveau scholarship are made possible by donations from CHASS alumni, faculty, staff, and community partners who are interested in providing students with international experiences. Students planning to learn abroad in Summer 2022 and Fall 2022, including through Summer 2022 Faculty-Led Education Abroad Programs (FLEAP), are encouraged to apply.

“The generous donors who establish and contribute to travel scholarships ensure access to international experiences that enhance our students’ education and understanding of the world,” said Rachel Pulido, Director of CHASS Development. “Many are avid travelers and lifelong learners and never take for granted the opportunities presented by the global classroom.”

FEATURED PHOTO. CHASS student Tiffany Jai was awarded a travel scholarship to study Comparative Literature in English and Chinese at the National Taiwan University. Above is a photo from Jai’s General Chinese Course in Taiwan.