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Agam Patel

Agam Patel, Associate Director of Low-Residency MFA program, garners funds for new scholarship

Those who deeply care will always find a way to make higher learning more accessible. As Associate Director of UC Riverside’s Palm Desert MFA program, Agam Patel is responsible for all aspects of the graduate program from budgeting, to enrollment, to student advising and recruitment, to managing the day-to-day challenges for more than 80 enrolled...
By Alejandra Prado, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing and Communications |
UCR Campus Sunset

Updates on UAW strike

Information about the negotiations, the strike, and potential impacts to campus operations is available here: Please check the link regularly for new updates.
Daisy Herrera and her daughter, Maya Luna

CHASS Ph.D. student makes strides in her Latino studies educational journey

An homage to her family and future generations of Latino children encapsulates Daisy Herrera’s educational journey. A first-generation Chicana and current Ph.D. student at UC Riverside’s Department of History, Herrera is eager to move on to the next step of her path: a fellowship with the Latino Museum Studies Program at the Smithsonian’s National Museum...
By Alejandra Prado, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing and Communications |
Off the Block

Lights! Camera! Action!

Introducing students to the world of filmmaking is only a small part of the OFF THE BLOCK program at UCR ARTS. Run by Nikolay Maslov, Curator of Film & Media Projects at UCR ARTS, the award-winning, filmmaking summer program helps high school students create and release their own documentary short films while developing skills such...
By Alejandra Prado, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing and Communications |
College Corps

Earn $10,000 in scholarship and stipends as an UCR College Corps Fellow!

Opportunity: UCR College Corps is recruiting 150 full-time college students to become College Corps Fellows for the 2022-2023 inaugural cohort. Fellows are self-motivated and able to commit to serving 15 hours per week in the local Riverside community in one of the three key focus areas: K-6 Education, Climate Action, or Food Insecurity. Benefits: Earn...
Student Speaker 2022

Student Speaker Application 2022

68th Commencement CHASS Ceremonies: June 12-13, 2022 Student Speaker Application Every year, CHASS invites students to speak to their fellow graduates. This year, the College invites students to speak on the following topic: We in CHASS say that “At Home in the World” is more than just a saying or a slogan. It really represents...
Teaching Excellence

2021-22 CHASS Faculty Awards

CHASS Teaching Award The College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences invites nominations for the 2021-22 CHASS Teaching Award. The award is made annually to recognize outstanding achievement in teaching by a faculty member of the College. The recipient will be formally recognized during the academic year as the Patricia McSweeney McCauley Chair in Teaching...
General Chinese Course in Taiwan

Apply by March 4: CHASS scholarships help students travel the world

Picture this. You find inspiration to fill out a scholarship application to fulfill a dream of yours: the opportunity to learn in a new world. All of a sudden, you’re getting paid to travel the world while experiencing new cultural life. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, thanks to the CHASS “At Home...
By Olivia Garcia, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing and Communications |
Paulo C. Chagas

Audiovisual Frontiers exhibition brings together international artists and scholars

International scholars from around the world met together virtually in November to share and discuss Transnational Film and Audiovisual Art. The Transnational Film and Audiovisual Art conference and the Audiovisual Frontiers exhibition – with more than 70 pieces of audiovisual art – were presented on Nov. 20 by UC Riverside’s Department of Music and UCR...
By Alejandra Prado, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing and Communications |
Studio and Archive of Paulo Bruscky

Retired CHASS History of Art professor funds new student research travel grant

UCR’s Department of the History of Art has created a new student research travel grant. Started in 2021, the Françoise Forster-Hahn Graduate Travel Award will allow students to extend their research experience outside of campus and fund their trips to research to any country. The grant is sponsored by a former UCR History of Art...
By Mina Shiratsuchi, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing and Communications |
Flora Beri Simo Sunjo

Smart, dependable, go-getter

In her role as a financial analyst for the Department of Psychology, Flora Beri Simo Sunjo is responsible for networking with others, hiring for labs, providing complex analysis and troubleshooting. “During the pandemic, I have had to schedule Zoom meetings with Flora to process the Psychology recruitments," said Alisha French, a human resources analyst for...
By Jessica Ruiz Vega, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing & Communications |
20:20 Vision

Personal reflection, self-discovery and the therapeutic nature of performance

In March 2020, life suddenly stood still on the UCR campus and overnight we had to adapt to online learning. As it became clear that a possible two-week hiatus was quickly turning into a year-long water treading, the driving forces in the Theatre, Film and Digital Production Department (TFDP) became resourcefulness and flexibility. I was...
By Dr. Bella Merlin, Director of 20:20 Vision and Professor of Acting and Directing Theatre, Film and Digital Production |
Janice Henry

Leader, mother, Tik-Tok enthusiast

Janice Henry is a key member of CHASS Student Affairs. Serving as the CHASS Enrollment Management Supervisor, she has become the first supervisor of the new enrollment management team for CHASS. In her role, Henry works closely with the Registrar's Office, CHASS department chairs and faculty, and assists students with enrollment. She is also the...
By Jessica Ruiz Vega, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing & Communications |
Zaid Yousef

Remote challenges lead to innovation

Saws, welders and sculpting tables are just some of the resources CHASS art students are used to having access to. Since campus closure in March 2020, the Department of Art has had to find new ways to support its students. To create a space that mimics in-person learning, Art laboratory supervisors Andrea Hidalgo and Jason...
By Mina Shiratsuchi, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing and Communications |
Honors Students attend faculty fellow's office hours

With honors comes many benefits

Small classroom sizes, individualized support, and one-on-one opportunities with professors and alumni are some of the many benefits of UC Riverside’s University Honors. The program offers an immersive undergraduate experience to a select number of UCR students who meet the academic requirements. Since 2010, the number of University Honors student enrollment has increased from 1.4%...
By Mina Shiratsuchi, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing and Communications |
News 20211029

Performing Arts faces unique COVID-19 challenges

As COVID-19 continues to impact UCR, students are facing unique challenges within the CHASS performing arts departments which include Dance, Music, and Theatre, Film, and Digital Production (TFDP). Acting classes conducted via Zoom begin with a wellness check-in for the students and professors to keep in touch with their own feelings. Talking through emotions during...
By Mina Shiratsuchi, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing and Communications |
Bryan Bradford

‘I want students to know that we’re all invested in seeing them succeed’

Beginning with campus closure in March 2020, UCR departments and programs have been challenged to find different ways to support students and faculty. For Bryan Bradford, it's also meant taking on more responsibilities. “We’ve had to make departmental adjustments due to the pandemic, and Bryan has always been willing to lend a helping hand,” said...
By Karen Gudino-Flores, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing & Communications  |
Humanities Building

CHASS Dean's statement on the Jan. 6 events at the U.S. Capitol

On January 6th we bore witness to insurrectionists storming the U.S. Capitol. We stand with Chancellor Wilcox’s statement in condemning “…in the strongest possible terms the horrific mob attack…”. This event is not singular but is rooted in a longer history of racism and antiblack violence, expectations of who government is meant to serve, and...
By The CHASS Dean’s Office |
UCR Career Center

Despite campus closure, UCR finds way to connect

Despite UCR’s transition to remote learning, several on-campus resources are still available to students online. Here’s some of those resources. Career Center The Career Center at UCR is the number one place to go when you are looking for resources for higher education, job opportunities and someone to talk to regarding major changes. It provides...
By Mina Shiratsuchi, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing & Communications |
Julie Salgado

CHASS Staff Spotlight

Julie Salgado and Brittany Fraser are part of the CHASS Facilities team at UCR. Since the beginning of campus closure in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been assigned new responsibilities in CHASS. They have also faced various challenges. Below, they share how they have learned and grown from this experience. Julie Salgado...
By Arlyn Valles, Student Writer/CHASS Marketing & Communications |