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Humanities Building

Message from the Dean

To our CHASS community, We are deeply saddened by the recent death of William Dunlop, an associate professor of social/personality psychology in UC Riverside’s Department of Psychology. Dr. Dunlop, who directed the Personality and Identity Lab (PAIL), explored the ways in which individuals make sense of themselves and their lives. He taught both undergraduate and...
Flora Beri Simo Sunjo

Smart, dependable, go-getter

In her role as a financial analyst for the Department of Psychology, Flora Beri Simo Sunjo is responsible for networking with others, hiring for labs, providing complex analysis and troubleshooting. “During the pandemic, I have had to schedule Zoom meetings with Flora to process the Psychology recruitments," said Alisha French, a human resources analyst for...
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S2P: Hacking Humanities

Just as humanities are crucial to scientific research, scientific analysis is necessary when developing public policies. In October 2020, UCR's Center for Science to Policy (S2P) held its first Policy Hackathon. A team of graduate students, led by developmental psychology Ph.D. student Agnes Varghese, included graduate students with psychology, engineering, business, microbiology, and neuroscience concentrations...
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At Home In a Digital World

Gamespawn is a UCR club that offers members the ability to collaborate and work on the development of video games. The club meets on campus during the academic year on Tuesday evenings, 5-7 pm in Bourns A171. “[Joining Gamespawn] was intimidating at first,” said second-year psychology major and current Outreach Coordinator Yvette Chen, “but once...
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Cognitive Study Research Team

Never too old to learn

It may seem to be more difficult to learn new things as we age, but new research from Psychology Professor Rachel Wu suggests that this difficulty could be in part alleviated by having an encouraging environment and continuing to learn as we age. In September, Wu received an NSF Career Award, the National Science Foundation's...
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MRI Scanner

Psychology department prepares patients for MRI's tight conditions

The Department of Psychology has a new and innovative way of preparing patients for scans inside a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine, a narrow, tube-like structure that requires patients to lay completely still for several minutes. Psychology Professors Kalina Michalska and Aaron Seitz, along with four engineering students, Sebastian Shah, Sam Muku, Mena Mishreky, and...
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Brain Game Center

Reprogramming the brain, one game at a time

They are everywhere. You may already know one, or even be one. Every year, more than a thousand UCR students pass through the doorways of the Brain Game Center for Mental Fitness and Well-Being. Located in University Village, UC Riverside students participate in controlled, non-invasive psychological and neuroscientific research through interactive games and apps. “I...
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